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SUNPAL® Roof of the Zakho International Stadium, Iraq
We matched the color of our SUNPAL® Multiwall Polycarbonate Architectural Panels installed in the Zakho football stadium to the Zakho Sports Club color –Introducing the SUNPAL® in Zakho Red. The stadium's roofing shades and protects the spectators and the structure from the harsh weather in the region. The "made to order" team color is very appreciated bonus.

PALGARD™ Pedestrian Bridge Glazing in Denver, Colorado, USA
Five Pedestrian Bridges were constructed in Denver, Colorado, utilizing Palram's PALGARD™ - Coated Anti Vandal, Scratch and Abrasion Resistant Polycarbonate Sheets.

The material was specified to comply with the stringent requirements of the project - Durability, Safety, Light Transmission, Ease of Maintanance.

SUNGLAZE™ Breeze Cartagena Shopping Mall Canopy, Colombia
Cartagena is a port city on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. The city has a hot, tropical climate with the average high temperature exceeding 310C. The climate was a leading consideration In the planning of the "Plaza El Castillo" shopping mall, together with sustainable architecture and energetic efficiency.

PALSUN® Facades & Canopies in Lithuanian Shopping Centers
PALSUN® flat polycarbonate panels were chosen to replace glass in facades and canopies of shopping centers in Lithuania. Through our Lithuanian distributor Avisma, Palram matched the characteristics of the original glass panels and provided a solution that is more durable than glass, and is safer for the visitors to the shopping centers.

A Sunpal Stadium (Hangzhou) will host 2022 Asian Games
Palram Projects collaborated with Hangzhou Stadium architects, NBBJ Design, to plan the translucent part of the roof, where Palram's SUNPAL multiwall polycarbonate system was used (Via LinkedIn).

SUNPAL® Roof in Woldia Stadium, Ethiopia

SUNPAL® Roof in Woldia Stadium, Ethiopia.  The new stadium is the most modern sports facility in the country, seating some 25,000 spectators. Palram provided Sunpal sheets to cover the stadium. Sunpal 18 mm Solar Control was used to cover the entire oval roof, as well as inner and outer parapets.

SUNTUF® Solution Covers the New Stadium in Anshun, China

One of China’s newest and largest stadiums was recently completed in Anshun, a city in southwestern China. It was designed by Tangshan City Design Institute, one of China’s leading designers of sports venues. SUNTUF was selected for the roofing material due to its superior specifications and performance ratings.

Palruf (Durashield) on the Abrolhos Islands, Australia

The Abrolhos Islands are scattered off the western coast of Australia. The fishermen in the Abrolhos suffer from the corrosion of metal sheets used for roofing and cladding of their houses and sheds. Palram’s PALRUF corrugated PVC sheets, known in Australia as Durashield, proved to be the best solution to replace the metal.